Lucifer Review: Why you should watch this

Lucifer is a Web series from the Netflix and it gives the goosebumps in many scene of the different story and the showing the story is very good. Here is a Lucifer Review from the all best reviews websites

According to IMDB

IMDB gives the 8.2 out of 10.

Here is picture can tell you more about the Lucifer.

According to the Rotten Tomatoes

Rotton Tomatoes gives the 86% out of 100% and if we see from the side of audience score it is 80% out of 100%.

Which is the good score . That is also a reason you have to see this web series.

What says the THEHINDU about Lucifer Review

“Just when I thought Lucifer could not get more biblical, the fifth season pushes the proverbial envelope further. Evil twin? Check. Rivalries over God’s love? Double check. Parentage issues between angels, demons and the Devil? Triple check.”

These are the words from the TheHindu.

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