Avengers Assemble Season 4: full review

This season deals with the Avengers being scattered across time and space by a new incarnation of the Cabal as Black Panther assembles another incarnation of the Avengers to find them in time to save the universe.


A fourth season, now retitled Avengers: Secret Wars, was announced at San Diego Comic-Con.[8] The Avengers’ plans to bring Tony Stark back from another dimension experience a major setback when a new version of the Cabal (consisting of Leader, Arnim Zola, Enchantress, Executioner, and Kang the Conqueror) is formed, with Leader, the head of the group, planning to use his Static Expander device on the captive Avengers. Black Panther forms the New Avengers to rescue them which consists of Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Vision, and Wasp. Even though Leader is defeated, Enchantress and Arnim Zola reveal that Leader is not the true leader of the Cabal as they activate the fail-safe that activates the Static Expander to scatter the captive Avengers across time and space. Before disappearing, Captain America instructs Black Panther’s group to continue in their place until they can be found and brought home. The New Avengers work to find a way to bring the Avengers home while combating various threats in their place. After Jane Foster locates the Avengers, she provides the New Avengers special tether bracelets to send them to rescue the Avengers from each location where a member of the Cabal is overseeing. Vision and Wasp find that Falcon had spent a few years time in a dystopian future New York City to help Kang stop a black hole and they prevent Kang from using it to further his conquest, Ant-Man helps Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow escape from Dimension Z and free it from Arnim Zola’s control, Black Panther and Hulk manage to survive a hunt by Executioner in the Asgardian wilderness, and Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel free Thor from the Enchantress’ control on her icy asteroid kingdom in deep space. Afterwards, both teams return to Earth to find that the Cabal’s true leader Loki has taken over Earth with the Casket of Ancient Winters and the use of a swarm of dragons, an army of Frost Trolls and the World Breaker ships that will destroy Earth upon his signal. Both teams of Avengers defeat Loki and imprison him in their base as he vows that his plans aren’t over.

As it turns out, Loki had told a being called the Beyonder about Earth’s existence, who to Loki’s dismay takes various parts of Earth, Asgard, and other realities, including the one where Tony Stark was stranded, and randomly slap them all together in order to form Battleworld for his “experiment” using the Bifrost Bridge. With Iron Man back with them, the Avengers must form an unlikely alliance with Loki to rebuild the Bifrost Bridge and get everyone back to Earth.

During New York Comic-Con, it was revealed that Hayley Atwell will reprise her role as Agent Peggy Carter from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an episode that sees Carter and Howard Stark teaming up with Captain America and Iron Man to stop Kang the Conqueror[9] due to Kang getting an enemy in his time in the form of Iron Man 2020.


  • 4x01_ Avengers No More: Part 1
  • 4x02_ Avengers No More: Part 2
  • 4x03_ The Sleeper Awakens
  • 4x04_ Prison Break
  • 4x05_ The Incredible Herc
  • 4x06_ Show Your Work
  • 4x07_ Sneakers
  • 4x08_ Why I Hate Halloween
  • 4x09_ The Once and Future Kang
  • 4x10_ Dimension Z
  • 4x11_ The Most Dangerous Hunt
  • 4x12_ Under the Spell of the Enchantress
  • 4x13_ The Return
  • 4x14_ New Year’s Resolution
  • 4x15_ The Eye of Agamotto: Part 1
  • 4x16_ The Eye of Agamotto: Part 2
  • 4x17_ Beyond
  • 4x18_ Underworld
  • 4x19_ The Immortal Weapon
  • 4x20_ The Vibranium Coast
  • 4x21_ Weirdworld
  • 4x22_ Westland
  • 4x23_ The Citadel
  • 4x24_ The Wastelands
  • 4x25_ All Things Must End


  • This season had The Cabal, Enchantress, Venom and The Beyonder as the Secondary Antagonists and Loki as the Main Antagonist.
  • The New Avengers stops the new villains like Typhoid Mary, Ares, Taskmaster, Baron Mordo, and Agamotto,
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