5 Best Youtube Video Download Apps | How To Download A YouTube Video

YouTube video download is one of the known online platforms that is used for watching videos related to
various topics, such as technology, entertainment, information, and much more.
Sometimes, people need to download the video available on YouTube, but
unfortunately, they do not know how to download a YouTube video online.

Well, there are several methods for YouTube video download, and all are very easy.
Therefore, we suggest you try all these methods once and select the most convenient
method for you. Additionally, these methods are available at zero additional cost, which
means all are free. You just need a good internet connection so that you can download
YouTube videos without any interception. But before proceeding to the methods, let’s
check whether it is legal to download YouTube videos or not.

Is it illegal to download YouTube videos?

If a person uses any third-party app for downloading YouTube, it is against the terms
and conditions of YouTube. The norm states that individuals are allowed to stream
videos on their platforms. If individuals download a video off of YouTube, it leaves them
vulnerable to copyright infringement.
Methods: How to download a video from YouTube in laptop or mobile

1. Using



This is a website that offers the facility of free download of YouTube videos. Here are
the steps to download videos:
● Open the website of SaveFrom.net for YouTube video download and mention
the video’s URL to the specialized field at the top of the page.
● Click on the “Download” option, and you will find a list of the necessary links.
● Select the required format and get the file that you want to youtube video download.
● Now, you will see that your required video has been downloaded.


2. Using SSYouTube.com:


Are you thinking that downloading online YouTube videos could be possible without an
add-on? Yes, it is. How? Let’s check the methods:

1. Just combine “ss” to the particular video URL to start the process of YouTube
video downloader.
2. It hardly takes 2-5 seconds to start downloading the youtube video download.
Original URL: https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=DIkqs9_FK28
URL with ss: https://ssYouTube.com/watch?v=DIkqs9_FK28

3. Using YouTube Studio:

This is another method for how to download a YouTube video online. Individuals can
download the video file in MP4 format either in 720p or 360p or as per the video file’s
size. Additionally, individuals can download uploaded videos using Google Takeout.

● Sign in to the YouTube Studio.
● Choose the Video option given on the left panel.
● Now, select the video file you want to download, select menu options, and finally
download. Get the Youtube Music mod apk here.

4. Using iTubeGo:

With the help of this software, the individual can download playlists, audio, videos,
channels, and much more. Moreover, it enables individuals to convert YouTube videos
to common formats, such as MP4, MOV, MP3, AVI, and much more. To download a
youtube video download, follow these steps:

● First, download the software and install it.
● Open the software and click on the “page URL” button.
● Now, you will find the two options, one for pasting the required URL and the other
for”Download.” Your video file starts downloading once you paste the URL and
click on the download button.
● Select the downloaded option given at the left panel. To play the video, click the
video play option.


5. Using VLC Media Player:


First, you have to open the VLC Media Player and then follow the given steps for how
to download a YouTube video. These steps are:
● Go to the VLC Media Player and select the ‘Open Network Stream’ option.
● Now, you will find the page along with a text editor, where you find two options.
1. Paste the URL of the YouTube video that you want to download.
2. Select the Play option.

● Go to the tools to select Codec Information. Now, copy the details from the
location textbox, which is available at the page’s bottom.
● Finally, Copy-paste the video URL to the web browser & click enter. Right-click
over the video’s option and select ‘save video as’ to save the video on your
laptop or PC. Downlead more apks from Mobile Review.


Now, you might be thinking that downloading the youtube video download is not an uphill task for
you. Yes, you are correct; using the above methods on how to download a YouTube
video online, you can simply download the video in various file formats.

If you are
unable to download the video, let us know about it. We will help you to download your
favorite video file easily. Comment us in the below section about your experiences using
the methods. So, download your favorite videos in a suitable format and enjoy watching

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